Concrete Montgomery County (Sidewalks, Stamped Concrete, Walkways)

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Sidewalks and Walkways

Concrete sidewalks provide more than just a place to get from point A to B. They can give your home or commercial building more curb appeal. Sidewalks can be a form of artistic expression, using a number of decorative techniques. Plain concrete walkways are still the norm, but many other more decorative alternatives exist. Concrete walkways can be colored, stained, molded and personalized to your needs.

Our installers and finishers take pride in making your sidewalks and walkways look as nice as possible, we know how important the appearance of your home is to you. That is why we take the time to have a discussion with you about what design or layout you would like, along with colors or stamps. Our contractors make sure the prep work is done properly so that the process is finished as quickly as possible, and properly the first time.

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Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is created by preparing the area as you would to install normal concrete walkways. The area is excavated, formwork is put into place and a stone base is put down. High strength concrete that is reinforced with fiber is used. If colored concrete is desired, color is added in the concrete mix so that the concrete is a uniform color. Afterwards a second application of color is done, and the concrete slab is stamped. After the concrete has set and hardened, expansion joints are cut to minimize the chances of cracking during temperature changes. Sealer is applied and any debris are cleared away.